Renew your life energy at Rena Spa!
Would you like to take care of your body and soul by raising your life energy with unique massage and care techniques?
Expert therapists of Rena Spa are waiting for you with special massage and caer programmes. Turkish bath worthy of sultans, massage therapies that resemble fairytales and matchless skin care products will take care of your skin and give you a sense of freedom and renew your soul.
RenaSpa presents many of the massage and therapy techniques present in the world massage literatüre with its Professional team.
Turkish bath, bath glove rooms, sauna, steam bath, therapy rooms, relaxing area, skin and body care, VIP area and Wet Bar are at your service for the whole year.
– Swedish massage (Classic Massage)
– Aromatherapy massage
– Bali Massage
– Bali Foot Massage
– Local Massage
– Cellulite Massage
– Olive Oil Massage
– Volcanic Stone Massage
– Ear Care
– Bathing Glove&Foam
– Salt Peeling
– Coffee Peeling