New Address of Luxury and Peace
Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa Bodrum makes you feel its spectacular and unique architecture from the first moment you step in, as well as the comfort and freshness.
MI “my” (In Latin)
VARA “The name of Gündoğan in the Roman era, between 353 – 375.
MIVARA “My Gündoğan”
Gündoğan is located in the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula and ranks among the new irreplacable places with its sparkling sea and green nature. We, as Mivara, brought a new breath to the legendary and actual aura of Bodrum.
Mivara is realised with a partnership between İsmail Çelik Şirketler Grubu and Harpu Holding – Muhammed Etkeser and continues to create not only temporary, but also permanent Gündoğan experiences with residences and villas.
Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa Bodrum started its activity in 2014 and it is the first investment of İÇ-ME Turizm, founded in partnership of Harput Holding an İsmail Çelik A.Ş. whose main area of activity is construction. The project consists of Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa Bodrum, covering 30 thousand kmsq and 16 ultra luxury villas next to it. The Premium Residence Project started on the 8 thousand kmsq area other side of the bay, next to Mivara Premium Villas. İÇ-ME Turizm A.Ş., founded in order to carry out business in tourism sector, also bought Karinna Hotel in Uludağ and obtained the right to run the Çobankaya Köşk Evleri, thus continuing its investments in tourism sector.